Does your PlayStation 4 sound like an F-16 taking off? Are you running out of hard disk space on your Xbox? Does that old ps2 or Xbox have a disk drive that’s no longer working? Then look no further than here! We will fix your consoles for you and clean them out! this service starts at $20 and includes detailed cleaning and new thermal paste application! Repairs may Vary as well as repair times! Please contact us for more info!

Often, dust, pet dander, and many other environmental toxins can lead to the breakdown of the cooling system for your Playstation or Xbox. The combination of open vents for cooling and natural static electricity created by the electronic components can lead to a messy situation that shortens the life of your console and slows you down.

Very rarely do manufactures cover this type of preventative maintenance, and what they will not tell you is that for the best results your product needs to be completely disassembled cleaned and rebuilt. This can cost as much as three hundred dollars!

Paying that kind of cash for a simple job just seems silly!

Let us help you! We charge a reasonable fee to extend the life of your electronics and increase your fun. Don’t let thermo-throttling hinder your KDR! We are here to keep your experience as smooth as the day you brought your console home.