Need a new pc? Ready to game? Or just want to browse the web and work faster? Look no further than here! We can build a pc to suite any needs! Simply send us a message and some details such as a budget! There is simply a $50 Build fee, no other up-charges! Contact us for more info regarding this service!

We can completely customize your rig and add all of the coolest RGB effects. We will source all of your hardware for you from the most reputable dealers out there. You don’t have to worry about getting wished with us!

Sometimes you just do not have time to spend researching the latest trends, or components. What is the best gaming rig for you? How many GHZ is it again to get you to the moon? Whats a gigabyte anyway? Are they poisonous? We have you covered. From the latest trends and AAA games to video editing and even streaming we can help you every step of the way.

At Komputer Geeks we don’t just sell you another pre-built system. We sell you your system!