Much like a car, a key part of owning a computer, laptop or any equipment is preventative maintenance. Dust and other contaminanits build up inside your electronics making it harder to keep your devices cool. Over time, thermal paste wears down making heat exchange less efficient. This is where we come in.

We will disassemble your electronics using industry standard safety practices to protect your electronics. The we painstakingly clean each component piece by piece until its in near factory condition. Finally, we reassemble all of your components using manufacturer and industry best practices to ensure proper cooling and ehanced longevity of your investments.

The typical age for most electronics is only two years. By completing annual deep cleaning and maintenance you can easily increase or even double this lifespan.

Software Cleaning

What about software? We do that too! There are many things that are unrelated to the hardware of your computer that can slow it down. Viruses, adware, and trackers oh my! We can get you back up and running as fast as possible in no time. Our time tested methods include diagnosing, quarantining, and fixing the issues before they cause you anymore headaches. Your computer should always be fast and responsive. If it is acting like an adult on a Morning its time to give us a call!

Are you a Business?

Ask about our special business prices! We can clean and restore all of your pcs and electronics at affordable rates. Everything you own is an investment, never let your hard earned money go to waste!