Providing our community with top notch PC, Console, and gaming services. Let us help you keep your existing electronics running smoothly, or even help you find the perfect PC, or Console. We can help our customers make informed decisions and guide them through the ups and downs of PC troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair.

Services we provide

PC Builds!

Need a new pc? Ready to game? Or just want to browse the web and work faster? Look no further than here! We can build a pc to suite any needs! Simply send us a message and some details such as a budget! There is simply a $50 Build fee, no other upcharges! Contact us for more info regarding this service!

Office PC Maintenance

This is our basic office package! This includes cleaning of all physical core components, such as re applying thermal pastes and removing dust! Also included in this package is our PC speed up process! We will defrag your disks! Clean up your virus’s and much more! Price starts at $75 and includes 3 office PC’s! $15 per extra PC!

Home PC Maintenance

We come to you! This is our basic package! it includes the following! Cleaning the physical pc, re-applying thermal paste and taking individual cleaning care with core components!Disk De fragmentation! Virus Cleanup! Malware Cleanup!

Gaming Console Maintenance

Does your PlayStation 4 sound like an F-16 taking off? Are you running out of hard disk space on your Xbox? Does that old ps2 or Xbox have a disk drive that’s no longer working? Then look no further than here! We will fix your consoles for you and clean them out! this service starts at $20 and includes detailed cleaning and new thermal paste application! Repairs may Vary as well as repair times! Please contact us for more info!